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Earl Grey


Tea Ziva Earl Grey is an exceptional blend of black tea leaves infused with cold-pressed Italian Bergamot oil from the citrus fruit grown Calabria, Italy, giving its distinctive taste and aroma. Without a doubt the most popular flavoured black tea in the world.

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Simple and reliable for all tea connoisseurs, Earl Grey owes its name to Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey and Prime Minister of England from 1830 to 1834. Legend has it that he received bergamot flavored tea as a gift after one of his men had rescued the son of a Chinese mandarin from drowning.   Tea Ziva made this tea even greater with a sprinkling of organic cornflowers, perfect for a tea time treat, with a twist of lemon or a touch of milk.  Bergamot is an antioxidant-rich fruit that contains polyphenols, helping the support against oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, balance blood sugar, and support healthy cholesterol levels. Two very special constituents, in particular, melitidin and brutieridin, discourage the production of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, while helping your body make HDL (“good”) cholesterol.


Organic black tea, natural bergamot flavor, organic cornflower petals


Earl Grey: 80g

5 reviews for Earl Grey

  1. Carenza

    Este é o meu chá favorito! Sem dúvida o melhor Earl Grey que já saboreei. O mesmo sabor de sempre com um toque único TEA ZIVA.
    O facto de ser orgânico, sabe ainda melhor 🔝
    Obrigada !

  2. Mafalda

    Difficult to do a good black tea that is outstanding. This one really stands out! Amazing combination of flavors, impeccable quality and thoughtful packaging. Very well done TEA ZIVA! Without a doubt my favorite Earl Gray tea!

  3. Ying-Ying

    I am a black tea drinker and this tea is one of my favorite! It smells elegantly with floral and notes of citrus fruit. The taste is smooth and not too strong, with a nice fragrant after taste. Great for breakfast, dessert or after dinner.

  4. Megal

    This black tea is a treat in terms of taste and aroma! It strikes a great balance of flavors, with a subtle bergamot presence.

  5. Joyce Gonçalves

    Para mim é o melhor chá para começar o dia, super saboroso e o cheiro que fica na casa!? É uma experiência maravilhosa!

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Earl Grey


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