Ceremonial Matcha


The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is a symbol of peace, harmony and happiness.

It portrays a spiritual experience, showing respect for etiquette and elegance, integral facets of Japanese culture.

Our organic Ceremonial Matcha is smooth and mellow, with a deep taste, noble aroma and a vivid green color.

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The highest quality Matcha is grown and produced in the hills of Kagoshima, in Japan, offering the best spring-harvested, shade-grown, stone-ground green tea.
Thanks to its special conditions and growing techniques, our Organic Ceremonial Matcha is smooth and mellow, with a deep taste and noble aroma.

As one moves up the scale toward the top grade of Matcha, the color becomes a more vivid green and the flavor becomes even more noble, smooth and mellow.

Matcha is made from new tea leaves that have been carefully grown in the shade for 20 to 30 days before they are harvested, steamed and dried. The dried leaves are then ground with a japanese traditional stone mortar and pestle.
Unlike tea leaves, where one drinks an infusion made from the leaves, Matcha is consumed in its entirety, so you can directly ingest the whole beneficial constituents of Matcha.


Organic japanese green tea


Ceremonial Matcha: 30g


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Ceremonial Matcha


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